Here Goes Nothing

            Starting this journey of freelance writing and photography has been one of the most unsure decisions I have ever made. Those decisions though, are the ones that let you know you are still alive. They are the ones that can leave you feeling like the dumbest person in the world or make you the proudest person in the room.

Vulnerability breathes life into you. It’s living on the edge. What if they laugh at you? What if they say negative things about you? Well, I’m sure they will. What if you stay the course though and make it out the other side and can make a living doing something that comes naturally to you. Wouldn’t that make it worth it? That would be a hell of a payoff.

Brené Brown became a powerhouse in the self-awareness field speaking on vulnerability. She put herself out there. She jumped down in the arena and took up the fight. You must respect that. It gives you the power to realize that the critic is not the one who counts, but only the one in the shit next to you does.

So, with that being said. Here goes nothing.

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