The Fall of the Gasoline Commuter

            I’ve had many discussions with friends, family, and fellow employees about the future of gasoline operated vehicles as of late. Many believe they aren’t going anywhere. I feel it’s way past time for society to make the transition to electric everyday commuter vehicles. The only reason these vehicles are still in mass production is the amount of lobbying the oil companies do to continue to make the profits they are making. Oil is a technology of the past. Continuing to pursue pathways in the oil industry is like using dial-up internet in a metropolitan area.

            With advancements in technology, soon, the everyday gas-burning commuter vehicle will become obsolete. There will still be uses for gas-burning machinery in an industrial application. But this limited use will lessen the impact of greenhouse gases on our world. Think about the early days of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, when everybody was issued a stay-at-home order? There were very few people traveling for work or leisure. That lowered all emissions from gas-burning vehicles making our atmosphere much cleaner. This massive reduction from eliminating gas-powered commuter vehicles will allow the climate to stabilize and repair itself, reducing the frequency of natural disasters like wildfires and floods.

            The Age of Oil is coming to an end. Technology is moving past oil consumption toward a more efficient and environmentally safe option, electricity. Politicians will try to scare their constituents and say this will cost them their jobs, and they’ll fight for the well-paying jobs oil companies are providing for them. The reality is they’ll fight to keep the oil companies alive, so they can continue to get money from them. But soon enough, the cost of operating on electricity will be better than oil, and costs always sway people’s opinions. It’s the nature of humans to always search for a better option. That’s the price we pay for having an opposable index finger and thumb, along with a much larger brain than our primate counterparts.

2 thoughts on “The Fall of the Gasoline Commuter

  1. I bought an EGO battery operated lawnmower last year and I have to say that I love that thing! However, I’m not quite sold on the idea of a battery operated vehicle yet. Maybe someday!

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