Winter 2021

Backyard Winter 2021

            This winter has reminded me of the winters of my youth. It’s been cold and wet. This year it got cold and stayed that way. In recent years, it would get cold then warm-up; get cold then warm up, repeatedly. It’s been like that for the past 15 years, due to our changing climate. But this year, it got cold and wet and has stayed that way since Christmas.

Backyard Winter 2021

            When I was a child, the winter didn’t faze me. The neighborhood kids would get together and find some mischief to get into; we’d ride bikes. Play in hay fields. Hang out in forest areas clearings all day long. Now that I’m older, I stay inside more during the winter. Yesterday though, turned out to be the best days we’ve had since Christmas, and I had to get out and take some photos. It was cool, but the sky was clear and blue, and the wind was calm. As I walked around the yard, I noticed that the buds are just starting on the trees. Soon, the winter will be gone. The trees will be in full bloom. Everything will be alive and vibrant. Spring will have sprung.

Backyard Winter 2021
Backyard Winter 2021

            While this winter conjures up memories from childhood, I’ll be glad to move on from it. The spring rejuvenates a new life. It’s like a new beginning. I’m itching to get out and take some photographs after my stroll around the yard yesterday. To all that don’t care for winter, I hope you made the best of it. There is only one month left.

Floyd The Cat, Winter 2021

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