5 x 8 Cargo Trailer Conversion


            I played my last rock n roll show on New Year’s Eve leading into 2020. Since then, I haven’t messed with playing my drums. I had an efficient setup for transporting all my gear to venues. I have a small 5’x 8′ single axle trailer. I could load my drum riser, my drum set, and my entire lighting rig for my drum riser in it. After I quit playing out, my trailer was sitting there unused. At first, I decided to turn it into a small camper. I did a lot of work on it. I stripped the entire inside down, applied foam board insulation to the outer walls and ceilings, and wired it up for external power. It all turned out nice. About the time I finished the project, all the lockdowns went into place for the pandemic, and the project went dormant. That’s been about a year now..

            Now I’m beginning to resurrect the idea again but with some tweaks. I’m not going to use it for camping. It’s just not big enough for my wife and me, plus our two dogs. So, what I’m planning on doing with it is adding a desk to the walls. Equipping it with solar panels and a small window unit A/C and turning it into a mobile office where I can go to a location for a day hike, take photos, and write. That would be a cool amenity to have, I think. It’d be like a day base. We’ll see how it goes.

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