My Every Day Walk

            Every day at 4:30, I go for a walk. It’s a decompression time for me. I try to let loose of the day. My walk is just under 2-miles. I walk the same route every day. As I walk, I see mostly the same people driving down the street. Many are winding their day down, just leaving work, or picking the kids up from school. Carrying out the mundane tasks of life. Today I took notice of the peoples’ faces as they drove by me. Many, so many, looked devoid of life. Like they are just over this journey. That’s a sad thing.

Photo courtesy of Justin Horrocks

            I’ll be the first to admit it this life sucks half of the time. It’ll beat you down and strangle the life out of you if you let it. There is so much negativity on the TV and radio. Then you have social media, and you find out your friend is getting divorced because their spouse has been unfaithful, and you’re like, “what!?” I thought they had it together. Then there’s a spot in the back of your mind that feels a little better cause you realize it’s not only you that sucks at this. It’s not right to feel that, but you do feel better.

            You know, I gave up my smartphone a few years ago and went back to a flip phone to be able to disconnect from that bombardment of information all the time. It became a burden with notifications, emails, and texts constantly. I feel like we, as humans, aren’t wired to process that much information constantly. It makes you depressed and filled with anxiety. I’m convinced that over-stimulation played a role in seeing so many lifeless faces driving down the street today.            

So, if you get a chance, go out and take a walk and enjoy the spring air. Leave the phone at the house and slip away from the onslaught of information assaulting your face. And while you’re on that walk, pick out those lifeless faces riding down the street, lend them a smile as they ride by. You may awaken a little bit of hope in their hopeless world.

One thought on “My Every Day Walk

  1. Thanks for the “like.” We think alike. I do a 2-mile run every day at 5:00, then walk the dogs, and I see those same faces (those that aren’t buried in their devices). And like you, I still use a flip phone and am perfectly fine with it, despite protestations from seemingly everyone else. They can kill ya, but they can’t eat ya.

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