My relationship with spring. It’s complicated.

As many of you may have already realized, I look forward to the transition from winter to spring every year. It’s nice to be able to get out of the house and it not be wet and cold. The grass begins to turn back green and all the flowers are in bloom. As I walked around my yard this morning and listened to all the birds chirping in the trees it was peaceful and relaxing. But there is a certain point in the spring that our relationship becomes a complicated one. It’s that point when everything is covered in pollen. There’s weeks where I walk around with a slight headache, the inside of my nose is raw, my throat has a constant itch that no cough seems to clear. Yet, I still look forward to the coming of spring every year.

Cherry Blossom tree in my yard

As you can see in the pictures of my yard, everything is coated in a fine dusting of pollen. When I let the dogs out, I have to wipe their coats down before they re-enter the house. The back porch is a filthy mess that I have to hose off about every other day. The pond in my yard has this disgusting looking film floating on top of it. Yet I love this weather and would take it over any day in winter. It’s just rejuvenating.

The backporch this morning
The back glass of my wife’s car

Today there is supposed to be rain. If it’s enough, it will wash a lot of the pollen away. Then the process will start over again for another couple of weeks. As much of an annoyance all the pollen is, I’d take a few weeks of it over a few months of winter. Happy spring everybody.

Backyard Adventures

            I remember as a kid how my friends and I would go out exploring different areas in the town we lived. We’d run across these spots that we found interesting. We’d hang out in them for a while and continuously go back until the new wore off. We perceived them as these little secret gardens no one knew of, but in all actuality, they were property that was just unused. In a wooded area behind a shopping center, you could follow a path into the trees. There was a stream back there that flowed over the ledge of this deep hole. We would walk down to the bottom of the whole and play down there. One place we referred to as Vietnam; we’d go there to play war. There was another spot we found right in the middle of town, by the main street. It was wooded, and there was about a 10 ft drop into the creek. It was secluded but right beside the main highway. I think that was the appeal to us.

Daffodils blooming on the roadside
Spring is just around the corner

            As children, we thought we were adventuring— striking out. It seemed like we were a long way from home like we were discovering something no one had seen before. Now, as an adult, I realize we were still right in our backyards. As we’ve matured, it seems many of us have lost that sense of adventure to explore our backyard. We think the only way to have a real adventure is to strike out to some exotic place, maybe climb to the top of a volcano or dive to the bottom of the ocean. But the reality is that most of us don’t have the time or money to do that. So, our life becomes that of a boring adult.

Former Railroad office built during the reconstruction era after the Civil War. This area was burnt and the railroad destroyed in Sherman’s March to the Sea

            This morning I left the house to get some photos of an area I’ve been scouting out and planning for all week. Well, when I got there, I was unable to get the pictures and wound-up riding around taking photos of flowers and things on the side of the road. That’s what got me thinking of the adventures of my childhood. With the coming spring, I’m going to venture out into my backyard more. To see what kind of fascinating things I can photograph. Maybe, I’ll find one of those perceived secret gardens. Hopefully, I don’t get in any trouble trespassing. We’ll see. Keep an eye out for future posts regarding my backyard adventures.