Where My Journey Takes Me

At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic was declared, I began this journey. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but it started at the beginning of January. I didn’t know where it would lead. I just knew it was time to start something new in my life. So, what I did was begin weeding out all the perceived negative elements of my life. The things that induced those negative vibes, you know, like taking part in gossiping. I stopped hanging out with people who weren’t aligned with my beliefs or perceptions of life. I put distance between myself and things that drag human decency down. I began my journey on the high road, if you may say.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

The High Road Becomes a Relaxing Ride.

On this journey, I’ve limited my communications with many people in my life, who throughout time have elicited negative feelings. I haven’t been ugly about it or even made it noticeable. When the time comes to exit people’s company, I just politely excuse myself. With an ongoing pandemic for the last year and a half, my exit to social obscurity has been made easy. My wife and I find ourselves alone together a lot, which is nice. Neither of us minds the seclusion. We venture out on little getaways together. When we’re at home, we mostly hang out with Buddy and Grace, our dogs. It’s a simple, easy-going life.

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The Door My Journey Has Led Me To

I’ve come to this place in the last few months, or so, I’d say starting at the beginning of the spring. I’ve realized that my place of employment is one of those negative experiences that eventually will have to be removed from my life. Most of my interactions with people now are at work: co-workers, subordinates, and such. So many of them always carry this negative cloud of gloom and doom. Many believe someone is out to get them. While others are worried, they are not being treated fairly in the most minute details. It seems to be a toxic cauldron of racism, and I mean, everyone is racist. If you’re not the same skin color, whether it be black, white, or brown, then you’re wrong. It’s equal-opportunity racism. The thing is, it’s not from the company. It’s just a systemic racism problem in the area I live. So many people are alcoholics. Illegal drug use is rampant, from smoking a little weed to anabolic steroid use, to hefty prescription pill addictions. The vast majority are morally bankrupt, which has led them down a reprehensible path that I refuse even to look down.

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What To Do

What I’ve realized are all the things that have led me down this path of betterment I’m beginning to see in my everyday life at work. Eventually, I’m going to have to turn the page on this chapter and move on from the morally corrupt, racist, and reprehensible people I find myself surrounded by every day. I’m not sure where it may lead, but I see the door, and I’m reaching for the handle. Soon, it will be open, and I will be stepping across the threshold into a new journey in my life.